The Music of Rich DeSteno

Crunch Time (Album), Listen to Clips of All Tracks

Track Titles
Ladies and Gentlemen, Burn Your Bridges, We Could, The System,
I Hesitate, Under Suspicion, Lost Track of the Time, Pick Your Brain,
His Time Had Come, You'll Come Around, Where Do You Go from Here, Crunch Time

Up Elevator (Album), Listen to Clips of All Tracks

Track Titles
Mexico, Something in Your Eyes, Live your Life, Your Biggest Fan,
I Live on Mars, Nobody Home, No Need To, The Creek,
Where Am I, You're No One and Everyone, I Tossed My Brain, The Chocolate Blues.

Cracking the Shell (Album), Listen to Clips of All Tracks

Track Titles
Creature, Innocent Man, I've Been Following You, Important Stuff,
All the Answers, Lady Ann, On Top of the World, Friends Like You,
Trapped Like a Rat, Maybe It's the Way, Ruthless Man, Flip-Flop Boogie.

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